About us

Hello and welcome to our cookie shop!


My name is Maria but I go by my middle name Daniela, feel free to call me either or Cookie Lady is fine too!

Since the moment I got my first EZ Bake Oven, baking has become my ultimate passion. It has become my love language, a way for me to express my creativity and create memorable moments with my son. As a mom, I wanted to share the joy of baking with my family and loved ones, and what better way to do that than through the art of making sugar cookies.

Christmas time became a special occasion for us, as we would gather in the kitchen and spend hours rolling out dough, cutting out festive shapes, and decorating cookies. It was during one of these baking sessions that we decided to make cookie boxes for our new neighbors. Little did I know that this simple act of kindness would ignite a passion within me that would change my life forever.

After that, I became obsessed with perfecting the art of cookie baking. I experimented with different recipes, techniques, and decorations, constantly pushing myself to create cookies that were not only delicious but also visually stunning. The more I baked, the more inquiries I received from neighbors, teachers, and friends who wanted to experience the magic of my cookies.

Baking became more than just a hobby; it became a creative outlet for me. I discovered that I could combine my love for art with my passion for baking, creating edible masterpieces that brought joy to others. Each cookie became a canvas, and I was the artist, using icing and sprinkles as my paintbrushes to bring my visions to life.


At Sweet Texas we offer a wide range of unique and personalized treats. Each cookie is carefully crafted with love and attention to detail, ensuring that every customer receives a truly personalized and unforgettable experience. I take pride in using high-quality ingredients and innovative techniques to create cookies that not only taste amazing but also look like works of art.